Meet The Authors at utopYA: Chelsea Fine, the Archers Of Avalon series

Meet the Authors at utopYA is a series of blog posts where we introduce you to all the amazing writers who will be in attendance at the first ever utopYA convention. Some will be on panels, some will be exhibitors, some will be keynote speakers, and all are living the dream.

We asked the authors 5 questions we wanted to know, and hope that you find them informative and entertaining. These authors were hand-picked, so you’ll definitely want to read their amazing books if you haven’t yet. Get ready, because this is only the beginning.

Meet the Author: Chelsea Fine, The Archers Of Avalon series

She writes books because she wants readers like YOU to dive into the world of fiction and swim around like a crazy fish!

She loves superheroes, hates doing laundry and puts more creamer in her mug than coffee. Want to learn more about Chelsea or check out her other books? Visit her website:

1. What’s your idea of ‘utopia’?

CF: My idea of “utopia” is a place of beauty and peace. Everything is fair, everything is healthy and everything emits love. I sorta picture unicorns and waterfalls there, too. And maybe tiny blue birds that help me clean the house and make dresses. Hmm. Maybe my utopia is a Disney movie….

2. Who influenced you to become a fabulous young adult paranormal author?

CF: Lots of people! But, primarily, my college Creative Writing professor. She basically sat me down one day and said, “You need to write, Chelsea. This is what you were meant to do!” Haha. I totally shrugged her off at the time, but her words stuck with me while I was writing my first book.

3. Paper or digital media?

CF: I love paperback books! I love bending back the cover and underlining my favorite phrases with a pen…and I also love how some of my books get really worn and weathered simply because I’ve read them so many times, you know? Worn books on my bookshelf make me happy. A digital book doesn’t wear like a paper book.

BUT…that being said, I do love my Kindle. It’s far more convenient to download thirty books onto my Kindle and shove it in my purse, than it would be to try to stuff thirty actual books in my purse. For that, I’d need a suitcase. On wheels.

4. Do you have an “end of book” ritual (that you’re willing to share…)?

CF: Haha! I scream and dance. Seriously. I stand up from my desk and scream, “WHOO-HOO!” then I get up and start bouncing around. Haha. This isn’t really a “ritual”, though. It’s more like an instinctive reaction to accomplishing something I’ve been working on for months. 🙂

5. What do you hope to get out of utopYA Con 2012?

CF: First of all, can I just say how VERY VERY EXCITED I am to be attending utopYACon this year?!! I seriously cannot wait! I’m really looking forward to meeting fellow authors, making new friends, and hanging out with readers! It’s gonna be LEGEN – (wait for it) – DARY! 🙂

Want to hear more from Chelsea Fine? She’ll be participating in utopYAcon’s session entitled Love Triangles: Overdone or Not Enough.


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