Katie Cook To Host utopYA Awards

20120619-140655.jpgCMT host Katie Cook, will emcee the utopYA Awards on Saturday, July 7 from 8-10 pm. The utopYA Awards include nominated authors with works released between May 2011 and May 2012. Some of the celebrated categories are Best Series, Best Break-Out Author, Most Innovative Marketing, Best Character to Casting and Author of the Year.

In keeping with the tradition of our Meet The Authors series, we’ve asked Katie the following three questions.

1. What’s your idea of utopia?

KC: My idea of Utopia starts with a blend of technology and nature. I picture society going back to a more natural state of living where high tech and ecologically friendly buildings exist alongside the wilds of nature. Where animals are not confined and roam freely. There are no visible forms of utilities and everything is run from solar or wind power. Blacktops are replaced by green ways and anti-gravitational transportation is the norm. All of humanity is finally connected spiritually and understands that we are all one. We travel the globe and communicate with ease and observe no borders. Disease is eliminated through nutrition and creative visualization.

Children are raised with a strong sense of responsibility and morality and the need for a ruling class or government slowly disappears. A barter system replaces currency and everyone pulls their weight and provides for others based on their talents. Psychic ability returns to humanity through reconnecting with Gaia and through this psychic connection and incredible peace is born globally. War is no longer a threat because it is understood on the deepest level that to hurt another is to hurt yourself.

2. Why do you like reading paranormal YA books?

KC: I really do believe there is so much more to this world than meets the eye. I have had paranormal experiences over the years and it is one of my favorite topics. Blend that with a little romance and suspense and it is the perfect escape from reality. While my reality is wonderful and I have no reason to want to escape it, I love a little mental and emotional vacation from the norm now and then!!

3. Who’s your YA crush?

KC: My biggest YA crush is still Edward Cullen; I know that is very predictable but come on he is just so hot! Of course I adore Christian Grey too, but I don’t think that can count as YA!!

Katie Cook has gained success hosting CMT Insider, a weekly entertainment and news magazine show on CMT. Cook became part of the CMT family in 2001 as host of the TRL spin-off Most Wanted Live (MWL). Since joining CMT, Cook has hosted many CMT specials, CMT original programming, and red carpets. In addition, Cook has made herself a go-to for celebrity interviews including ones with Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon to name only a few. Katie also co-hosted Nashville Star with Billy Ray Cyrus and has been a guest on CNBC, MSN, and CNN with Anderson Cooper. In 2010 Katie joined Sway Calloway and April Woodard for “A Conversation with President Obama” a special that aired on MTV, VH1, and CMT simultaneously.

Katie is also branching out into the world of television development and production, having completed two pilot projects in the last year which are now being shopped to networks including a paranormal show called Not Alone”. Katie has also completed a children’s book that she hopes to see animated in the near future about a young boy who didn’t know he was the universe. In her spare time, Katie enjoys going to UFO conferences and ghost hunts around the country. You can follow her on Twitter at @TheKatieCook where she reports on everything from celebrity news, paranormal events and UFO sightings, to her passion for YA.

Katie and her musician husband, Marc, have one daughter named Daisy Rocket and three rescued dogs.


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