Meet The Authors At utopYA: Jessie Peacock

Meet the Authors at utopYA is a series of blog posts where we introduce you to all the amazing writers who will be in attendance at the first ever utopYA convention. Some will be on panels, some will be exhibitors, some will be keynote speakers, and all are living the dream.

We asked the authors 5 questions we wanted to know, and hope that you find them informative and entertaining. These authors were hand-picked, so you’ll definitely want to read their amazing books if you haven’t yet. Get ready, because this is only the beginning.

Meet The Author: Jessie Peacock

Jessie Peacock’s stories have appeared in Beyond Centauri, Skive Magazine, and LITSNACK, among other publications. She is currently working on a late draft of a young adult fantasy novel and plans to start submitting it for publication by the end of the year. She can be found online at, where you can link to her Facebook and Twitter pages. A full list of her published work is accessible on her website.

1. What’s your idea of ‘utopia’?

Utopia is the next place I have never been, just beyond the horizon. It’s a place with endless possibility. It’s a place where I can read and write and scuba dive and eat fabulous food. It’s planet Earth.

2. Who influenced you to become a fabulous young adult paranormal author?

Why, thank you! I wrote short stories (terrible ones about talking deer) when I was kindergarten and truly have not stopped writing since. When I was in elementary school I read The Giver by Lois Lowry and it rocked my perception of the world. Then I read Garth Nix’s Sabriel and my love for fantasy was seared into my heart forever. I adore fantasy—utopia, dystopia, and everything in between. I also have to give massive credit to my KidLit writers’ group, who inspire and encourage me every time we meet.

3. Paper or digital media?

I have definitely converted to digital media (I love my Kindle!), though I do miss being able to easily flip back to the map of the world I’m reading about.

4. Do you have an “end of book” ritual (that you’re willing to share…)?

I have only finished one book (and it’s not published YET) so I don’t think I can call this a ritual. But I jumped up from my chair and shrieked, “I’m done! I’m DONE!” I proceeded to drag my husband into the room and breathlessly read him the last few pages. Then I jumped up and started screaming again. I think I even danced… and THAT was NOT a pretty sight!

5. What do you hope to get out of UtopYA Con 2012?

I hope to meet amazing authors and like-minded readers and learn from everyone around me. I’m still in the editing process, so I have a long way to go before publication. I’m hoping I can gain knowledge and become better by osmosis.


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