UtopYA’s Story Frenzy Expands To Twitter


#LigerBane authors Chelsea Fine, Ella James, Amanda Havard, Brina Courtney, Heather Hilenbrand, and L.M. Davis

We had so much fun playing Story Frenzy at utopYAcon, we decide to continue the party on Twitter. #FrenzyFridays will begin at 12 PM Eastern each Friday through the month of August.

Like Story Frenzy from UtopYA, plot points, characters and other open ended details are delivered via prompts on Twitter (#ligerbane #prompt) to move the story along. Each writer will have a chance to contribute to each prompt in 140 characters and then pass it on to the next person in line by tagging them in the tweet. The order for our first round is as follows:


If you want to join in the Frenzy, tweet suggestions for prompts using #prompt and #ligerbane in your tweet. Random prompts will be chosen throughout the day. The Story Frenzy authors will only respond to prompts given from @utopYAcon, @aammyyss, and @aprilr.

Weekly recaps can be found at utopYAcon.com and storyfrenzy.tumblr.com.



It’s a crisp, fall afternoon in the year 2093. Xander, who is from an old family of were-hyenas, receives a long awaited invitation in the mail: an afternoon birthday party to celebrate his 21st birthday. The invitation is from his ex-girlfriend Evangeline, and he goes to the house with mixed emotions. Xander wears a scar on his handsome face from their last encounter. He doesn’t know if he wants to see her again.

Evangeline is a soldier back from the war who always wears a metal breast plate. She is a were-liger and is trying to clear Xander’s name. She hasn’t told him he might become a were-liger.

Xander goes to the party bearing a gift for the host, pressed on him by a animal rights activist named Diana. It’s cream of tomato soup. Xander presents the soup to Evangeline’s grandfather who is hiding a secret about his granddaughter. She isn’t his by blood. She was kidnapped as a child, and is being used as a weapon in the war. Before he can reveal the truth, he is poisoned by the cream of tomato basil soup. The poisoned soup was intended for Evangeline.

At the party, Evangeline and Diana compete for Xander’s attention. In 2093, Diana’s role is to prevent the were-wars that keep happening. She believes that liger/humans go against nature.

At the moment Xander turns twenty-one, he is expected to turn into a were-hyena like everyone in his family, but he is infected from Evangeline’s scratch, and turns into a were-liger instead.

Can Xander come to terms with his new species? How will his family handle it? Is Diana interfering in his relationship only because she wants him, or is there something more? And, what is the war about? How is Evangeline a weapon, and who / what is she fighting for? Now that he’s were-liger, what side will Xander be fighting for?


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