2013 utopYAcon Panelists Announced

We are excited to announce some of our returning panelists for utopYAcon 2013. Stay tuned for further updates. Don’t forget tickets for utopYAcon go on sale this Friday, November 23rd!

Amy Bartol
Tammy Blackwell
Susan Burdorf
KB Miller
Willow Cross
LM Davis
Erica Erwin
Amy Evans
Chelsea Fine
Amanda Havard
Teal Haviland
Angeline Kace
Tiffany King
Elizabeth Kirke
Adam Kunz
Carol Kunz
Cydney Lawson
Michelle Leighton
Quinn Loftis
KC Neal
Heather Robbins
Stacy Rourke
Jessie Peacock
LM Preston
Jessica Sorenson
Vania Stoyanova
Raine Thomas
Mike Turner


12 thoughts on “2013 utopYAcon Panelists Announced

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering what your criteria for being on a panel is. Is it invitation only, or can someone request to attend? Thank you,

    Bethany Lopez

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Bethany,

      You can request to be on a panel, but I’ll be honest and say that we have been absolutely overwhelmed with such requests. At this point, we are asking anyone who wants to be on a panel to submit the following information to be added to a list:
      * your name
      * links to your books
      * description of your books
      * any “hype” or milestones (Amazon rank, sales etc.) or awards around you or your books
      * topics you feel qualified to speak about if you are asked to be on a panel
      * links to a website or social media profile so we can get to know you better

      PLEASE SUBMIT TO: info@utopycon.com

      We are telling everyone that if they aren’t chosen that it should NOT be considered a reflection of their work. We have simply been buried in requests. I personally read at least one book from each panelist, and I know the team likes to do same.

      You do NOT have to be on a panel to participate or flourish at utopYAcon. The environment of the panels/sessions is one of engagement and is highly inclusive of audience questions, comments AND expertise. Just because you’re on one side of the session table, doesn’t mean your influence and impact won’t be felt and heard by all.

      Hope that answers your question.

      • That was an excellent answer to questions a lot of people may have regarding being a panelist. The experience of utopYA Con is as unique as the people who attend. Being in the audience is an amazing experience as u DO get to interact with both panelists and other audience members. I found last year’s event to be “cozy” and by that I mean I came to look upon those who attended as family by the end of it.

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