Harness Your Inner Badass and Create the Writing Career You Deserve

sideheadshotIntroducing utopYA 2013 keynote speaker and Best-selling author, Jen Sincero.

I am beyond excited to unleash Jen Sincero on all of you. I have known Jen since December 2010, and it has been nothing short of a blast to watch her blaze trails and kick tails all over the world.

Get ready for a keynote address on Saturday, June 29th that is going to shatter any excuses you think you have about why you aren’t living the life of your dreams, and inspire the crap out of you to get started before she’s even finished her speech.

Harness Your Inner Badass and Create the Writing Career You Deserve
How’s the writing going? Are you as productive as you’d like to be? As successful? As tear-jerkingly brilliant? Best-selling author and success coach, Jen Sincero, helps you blast past your blocks, kick fear in the face, and take your creativity and career to a whole new level (and really take it there, not just dream about it, talk about it or settle for what you can get). Via personal stories, tried and true tricks of the trade, and some verbal super-hero pills, Jen will give you the tools and the inspiration you need to be your mightiest writerly self.

Who the Heck is Jen Sincero?
Here are a few things you should know about Jen:

  • she’s a best-selling Simon & Schuster author
  • HBO created a pilot out of one of her books
  • she’s a Huffington Post columnist
  • she has spoken at a TEDx event
  • she’s been a guest on Howard Stern
  • she has no permanent residence, but travels the world writing her books, and teaching people how to get over their fears and write their damn books already.

She is a straight-talk in’ hoot and a half, and I adore her. I can’t wait to introduce you all to her badassnessnicity. For more information about Jen and her books, please click on the Keynote Speakers page for all the awesome.

In the comments, let us know what you think is holding you back from having what you want…oh, and please welcome Jen to the utopYA community.

7 thoughts on “Harness Your Inner Badass and Create the Writing Career You Deserve

  1. I’m so excited for this conference. You wanted to know what’s holding us back? For me, it’s fear. Fear of crowds, fear of flying, fear my next book won’t be as good as the last. Fear I’ll disappoint my readers. Fear I’ll offend my mother if she reads what I wrote today. Yikes! Most of these fears can be conquered with education, courage and determination. For the rest of them, there’s Ativan.

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