Anything Goes: The Panel Created By and For You


What’s fidgety, sort of clammy, and red all over?

Give up?

It’s YOU!

That’s right. It’s you bouncing in your seat at a book signing, conference, or launch party (in total fangirl mode) too embarrassed or shy to ask that one question dying to free itself from your lips. You knew the question when you walked in. You may have even given yourself a pep-talk beforehand about not sounding like a total fangirl on crack. Now there are dozens, or I daresay hundreds, of other people vying to ask their own questions, and you’ve gone completely brain dead.

Like zombie apocalypse brain dead. And that is so not awesome.

But there’s hope! That’s right. The answer to your prayers is utopYAcon 2013 and a little panel we lovingly call Anything Goes.

You’ve seen the list of panelists this coming June, right? If you missed it, you can totally find that info here. Cuz I like to help that way. I got your back, y’all.

See any names on the list that have the question wheels-a-turning on overdrive? We’d love to hear from you. Who would you like to see on the utopYAcon hot seat?

Remember, the questions will all be up to you folks. No interference patterns run by the utopYAcon staff or big sister tsk-ing over your silly ‘wanna knows.’

So if your dying question is advice on avoiding tense slips in your WIP, apart from scribbling “I must not slip tense” repeatedly with a Blood Quill a-la-Harry Potter, then here’s your chance!

But please keep the ridiculous questions to a minimum. By ridiculous, we mean “Can you pat your head and rub your belly at the same time?” Unless, of course, you really need to know if C.J. Redwine can accomplish this tricky feat. Now there’s a visual for ya! A room full of patted bellies and rubbed heads… But I digress.

How ’bout it? Are you game? Like I said, this is your chance to put away that nervous, twitchy fangirl and ask a question or two of some of the most fantabulous panelists to grace the tables of utopYAcon.

What do you need to do? Just get your thinking caps on and email us at info [at] and we will take care of the rest. Easy peasy! Tell us your ‘hot seat’ initiate and some questions your wee fangirlie (or fanboy-ie) heart must know.

Ready? GO!

D.B. Graves is a young adult writer living amidst the rolling hills 
of Middle Tennessee with her husband and rambunctious young son.

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