utopYA just got Hotter


Collin Patrick (aka ‘Daniel’ in The Hope Series by Frankie Rose)

If you follow utopYAcon on Facebook, you may have already seen this hot topic. The talented author and producer, Frankie Rose, will be bringing her very own book cover model to utopYA!

That’s right!

If you’re familiar with The Hope Series, you know all about the brooding ‘Daniel.’ The actor/model who portrays ‘Daniel’ on the cover AND the book trailer, Collin Patrick, will be gracing our halls in June.

You’re probably gonna wanna buy and read the PAPERBACK version of this book so that you can get it signed by both Frankie and Collin. Click on the book cover image to go get it.


Book 2 in The Hope Series

How awesome is that? Nothing like a little cover eye candy becoming reality.

He will be joining Frankie Rose at her exhibitor booth. Details forthcoming.

So please go LIKE Collin‘s Facebook page, as well as Frankie Rose’s The Hope Series page. Tell him you can’t wait to meet him…but don’t scare the poor guy away 😉

D.B. Graves is a young adult writer
 living amidst the rolling hills of
 Middle Tennessee with her husband
 and wildly amazing young son.

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