Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I would like to be a guest author, how can I be a part of utopYA, be on a panel etc?

Answer: You can request to be on a panel, but we have been absolutely overwhelmed with such requests. At this point, we are asking anyone who wants to be on a panel to submit the following information to be added to a list:

* your name

* links to your books

* description of your books

* any “hype” or milestones (Amazon rank, sales etc.) or awards around you or your books

* topics you feel qualified to speak about if you are asked to be on a panel

* links to a website or social media profile so we can get to know you better

PLEASE SUBMIT TO: info@utopycon.com

If you are not chosen it should NOT be considered a reflection of your work. We have simply been buried in requests.

You do NOT have to be on a panel to participate or flourish at utopYAcon. The environment of the panels/sessions is one of engagement and is highly inclusive of audience questions, comments AND expertise. Just because you’re on one side of the session table, doesn’t mean your influence and impact won’t be felt and heard by all.

Question: Does my ticket get me into UtopYA Awards?

Answer: Yes. This may not be the case in the future, so definitely cool beans to be able to attend both for one low price this year.

Question: What is the REFUND POLICY for tickets?

Answer: You may receive a FULL refund up to 60 days from purchase. After 60 days, you may receive a 50% refund. NO REFUNDS will be given after April 30, 2013 regardless of when ticket is purchased.

Question: What should I wear to the conference?

Answer: Nashville is hotter than Hades in June, but the conference rooms MIGHT be cool. Dress comfortably for the conference.

Question: What should I wear to the UtopYA Awards?

Answer: Something you want to have in pictures! Doesn’t have to be super formal, but definitely think hot night out on the town, MTV Awards or prom/first date/TV appearance. 😉

Question: Is dinner included at the utopYA Awards?

Answer: Dinner will not be provided at the utopYA Awards. Should it be included in the future, there will be an extra charge for that. However, at this time, no dinner is included.

It is highly recommended that you at least eat something light before the Awards. We don’t want any “hangry” attendees at the Awards. Be in the moment, celebrate with your friends.

If you’re planning to make reservations for dinner afterward, plan to spend at least two hours at the awards. That should help your time frame.

Question: Can my kid get in free?

Answer: Kids under the age of 12 can enjoy utopYAcon free of charge. They are not allowed into the utopYA Awards, however, without the purchase of a ticket. This policy is subject to change at future utopYA events.

Question: Is there daycare?

Answer: At this time, daycare is not provided by utopYA, LLC or the venue. However, we will have a QUIET ROOM provided for changing, feeding, etc.

NO Cell phones or conversation above a whisper are allowed in this room.

Please be courteous and mindful of other attendees if you do decide to bring your young child with you. If your child starts to cry or get fussy in a panel or keynote, please exit the room with your child until he, she or they are quiet again.

We LOVE kids, but want the utopYA experience to be one everyone can understand, hear and enjoy together without distraction.

Question: Can males attend utopYA?

Answer: UtopYA is heavily weighted toward women, who, we feel, are currently carrying the genre and propelling it forward. We also feel that UtopYA has the incredible loyalty and vibe it has so soon because the women writers out there have made it their place to share, grow, learn and swoon in safety and with confidence while navigating the sometimes daunting business side of the industry.

We are not anti-men, we just feel that many other cons out there cover a very male-dominated world. We are more than open to addressing or expanding the mission and goals of UtopYA in the future should we feel we are doing a disservice to the fans.

All this being said, we DO still invite several men to be on panels – agents, editors, podcasters, and many others. It will just always be weighted in favor of the estrogen.

And finally, we will always pick male authors who champion strong female protagonists.


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