Scarritt-Bennett, the location of the event, has dorms available for $62 a night. The bathrooms are shared between two dorm rooms, so they are considered semi-private. The rooms come with wi-fi, and have a twin bed and desk. Contact Scarritt-Bennett directly to book your room.

Holiday Inn Vanderbilt is the official utopYAcon partner hotel. We have group rates for $119 a night for a room with a king or two double beds. To make your reservation, call 1-877-327-4707 and identify the group as UtopYA Con.

Please note: Holiday Inn Vanderbilt is NOT out of rooms. We have a rolling block, which means, they don’t sell out.

The dates of our agreement with the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt are from June 27-June 30, 2013. If you are booking OUTSIDE those dates, you will have to pay the regular rate on the days on either side of the room rate deal.

The rooms are blocked under the name utopYAcon. Please refer to this when booking your room(s).

If you’re booking a suite, the rate does not apply.

If you have any problems, and better yet, to AVOID any problems, call Tiffany Terrell or Monique Dorival direct at 615-321-8252

All reservations should be made by Tuesday, May 28, 2013. There will be free shuttle service available between the hotel and Scarritt-Bennett.

*All rates are subject to current applicable state and local taxes per room per night.