Here is the list of panelist that have been announced for utopYAcon 2013 to date. This is not a complete list. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Book listed next to author name is the first in any given series written by that it author. It is NOT the Official Reading List of utopYA 2013, which will consist only of those books eligible for 2013 utopYA Awards.

Kacie Bawiec, 15-yr-old author of Silver Dagger
Amy Bartol
Tammy Blackwell
Susan Burdorf, Angels Among Us
K.B. Miller
Georgia Cates, Blood of Anteros
Brina Courtney
Shelly Crane, Significance
Willow Cross
L.M. Davis
Amy Evans
Chelsea Fine
Riana Lucas
M.R. Polish
H.D. Gordon, Blood Warrior
A.G. Henley, The Scourge
Chanda Hahn, Unenchanted
Amanda Havard
Teal Haviland
Heather Hildenbrand
Ella James
S.R. Johannes (Shelli)
Angeline Kace
Tiffany King
Elizabeth Kirke
Adam Kunz (C.A. Kunz)
Carol Kunz (C.A. Kunz)
Cydney Lawson
Quinn Lofis
Addison Moore, Ethereal
K.C. Neal
Jessie Peacock
Misty Provencher, Cornerstone
Susan Kaye Quinn, Open Minds
CJ Redwine, Defiance
SM Reine, Six Moon Summer
Frankie Rose, Sovereign Hope
Stacey Rourke
R.K. Ryals, Redemption
Heather Self, The One
Jessica Sorensen
Raine Thomas
RaShelle Workman, Exiled
Samantha Young, Smokeless Fire

Georgia McBride
Heather Smiddie Robbins
Regina Wamba – Mae I Design
K.P. Simmon – Inkslinger PR
Victoria Faye Alday – Illustrator, Designer
Hollie Westring, Editor
Delphina Miyares – Blogger, Delphina Reads Too Much
Dave Robison – Podcaster, The Roundtable Podcast
Tess Watson – Blogger, My Pathway to Books
Kristen House – A Novel Idea
Mike Turner
Vania Stoyanova
Kallie Mathews
Erica Erwin
Kristen McLean

Dan Baker, Katie Baker, Rachel Taylor, Nick Aducci and Jessica Aducci – Avarice, Macedonia Films


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